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Anonymous asked: www(.)bbcamerica(.)com/anglophenia/2012/06/vote-in-the-anglo-fan-favorites-tournament-the-men-of-2012/4/ ALAN RICKMAN IS CATCHING UP- HIDDLESTONERS WE HAVE A DUTY TO VOTE FOR OUR KING, TOM. Please post this and ask your followers to vote:D

Ok, guys, go here and vote… for whoever you want, really.

Besides Tom (56,62%) vs mr.Rickman (43,38%), you can vote for:

Martin Freeman (64,18%) vs Colin Firth (35,82%); Benedict Cumberbatch (51,13%) vs David Tennant (48,87%); Colin Morgan (58,35%) vs Bradley James (41,65%).

Go and choose your favourite! ;)

2 years ago