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Anonymous asked: www(.)bbcamerica(.)com/anglophenia/2012/06/vote-in-the-anglo-fan-favorites-tournament-the-men-of-2012/4/ ALAN RICKMAN IS CATCHING UP- HIDDLESTONERS WE HAVE A DUTY TO VOTE FOR OUR KING, TOM. Please post this and ask your followers to vote:D

Ok, guys, go here and vote… for whoever you want, really.

Besides Tom (56,62%) vs mr.Rickman (43,38%), you can vote for:

Martin Freeman (64,18%) vs Colin Firth (35,82%); Benedict Cumberbatch (51,13%) vs David Tennant (48,87%); Colin Morgan (58,35%) vs Bradley James (41,65%).

Go and choose your favourite! ;)

June 22

Download Link for Sherlock Eps with subtitles!


Sherlock Eps with subtitles

The subtitles (that’s the srt file included with each ep) can easily be loaded with the ‘subtitles’  tab :D

It is a torrent, but you can just uncheck the items you don’t want to download :D

June 02